We are on a mission to increase the success rate of small business. 

Thank You Small Business is a big movement in support of small business - built by business owners for business owners. Since 2013, we have been working hard to accomplish our 3 goals:

1) To THANK small business owners for how hard they work for the economy

2) To support small business owners so that they can continue to grow

3) To galvanize the public to support small businesses - by thanking them and buying from them Thank You Small Business was started by Silver Lining - and has been made possible with the support, partnership, blood sweat and tears of many amazing people and companies from around the world.

At Silver Lining, our mission is to increase the success rate of small business. We are on a mission to see 80% of small business owners succeed, not fail. We believe that we CAN change the economy one small business at a time. And this is important because when a small business grows it impacts the business owner’s family, their employees, their community and the economy. In alignment with this mission we are on, we have created the Thank You Small Business Marketplace, a place where small businesses can find clients and where the general public can literally support small businesses - by buying from them 365 days a year.